• Can I wash my Fuzzy Blanket Hoodie? Answer: Yes! All of our Fuzzy Blanket Hoodies are able to be put in the washer - suggested on regular cycle & use of cold water! The Fuzzy Blanket Hoodie loves to be air dried but can easily be tumble dried as well. 
  • Will The Fuzzy Blanket Hoodie fit me? Answer: Yes!, Of course it will, All adult sizes are fitted at a 6X size for anyone to be able to snuggle up in. Theres no such thing as too big with the fuzzy blanket hoodies! 
  • When will my Fuzzy blanket Hoodie arrive? Answer: All shipping & Delivery includes tracking! Please give us a couple days to sort through our orders. Processing will be completed in less than 48 hours! 
  • What if I want to return my Fuzzy Blanket Hoodie? Answer: We do have a 30 day money back guarantee program, if you decide our fuzzy blanket hoodie is too good for you.